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Most people who visit your Web site or receive your email newsletter will never read them.  By this, we mean they will never read your writing for the Web, word for word. 

What they will do, however, is scan the text.  They'll then decide which parts of the text or page merit more of their time and attention. So writing for the Web needs to be particularly clear, concise, informative and enticing for both types of Web visitors, humans and search engines.

Web Writing Techniques

Writing for the Web requires a different technique to writing for print. In order to appeal to scanners rather than readers, online writing tends to employs several key techniques including:

  • Meaningful headings and sub-headings
  • Clear, informative copy
  • Use of highlighted or bold text and keyword phrases
  • Short paragraphs, each focussing on one idea
  • Short to mid length sentences
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Half the word count of conventional writing

The most effective writing for the Web gives your online business credibility and makes your customers feel secure about doing business with you. However, establishing credibility does not mean bombarding your viewer with marketing hyperbole. Care needs to be taken to appeal to a specific target market.

All the elements of writing for the Web should work together to:

  • Establish credibility for your online business
  • Support or launch your brand
  • Appeal to your target market
  • Provide useful and valuable information
  • Engage your customer or reader
  • Convey enthusiasm for your product or service
  • Offer a compelling reason to buy or to act
  • Call your customer to action

Our team of writers have written for many companies, both large and small.  Here are just a few: